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Louise Abbott-Fiber Artist Weaver

 Phone: 978-433-5980             Cell phone: 978-852-8498

Lmabbott@verizon.net                Payment:  Bank check or cash


Handwoven Scarves

Blue $90         White $95       Multi $95



Handwoven Shawls          $185 Each



 Handwoven Ruanas               $300 Each



Birch Reflections

Handwoven framed tapestry       9″w x 10″h        $475



Handwoven tapestry/hand built pottery frame         9″x9″          $475


Color Blocks

Handwoven Tapestry rug (Linen warp/Wool Weft).       39″x62″       $2800


Louise Abbott Artist Bio
Since the early 1970’s, I have been involved with textiles in a business
as well as creative capacity.  I love the textile process and am excited
by the idea of creating a woven piece for functional use that is also
aesthetically pleasing.  Technical development is important to me and I
have taken numerous workshops and classes.   I developed my knowledge
and skills as a Contract Weaver in the late 70’s and in early 80’s while
maintaining a studio in the Artist Cooperative, The Brush Art Gallery,
in downtown Lowell, MA.  In the late eighties and early nineties I had
the opportunity to work in the yarn development divisions of two major
Textile Industry Manufactures.
Currently, I weave in my home studio and have exhibit space in the Arts
League of Lowell Gallery, Lowell, MA.  The exotic sensuality of fiber
and color continue to inspire me to create my own designs for rugs,
tapestries, afghans, Ponchos and other items.   I find excitement in the
melding of process, design and fiber, and draw much of my inspiration
from nature and my travels.
For the past twenty years, my focus has been with Tapestry, a powerful
art form dating back many centuries, and an eloquent means of
expression.   The materials used, the weaving process, and
interpretation of the design give the tapestry life.  Weaving is very
labor intensive and offers me the opportunity to slow down and be
deliberate in this accelerated paced world.

Contact: Louise Abbott, 978-433-5980, Lmabbott@verizon.net

Payment:  Bank check or cash