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Carol Robey-Painter


 Zinnias in Green
Oil on panel     11″ x 14”       $600
 Daffodils in Red
Oil on panel      12” x 16”     $600
Zinnias and Asters
Oil on panel       12” x 16”        $800
  Pink Roses
Oil on panel     12” x 16”     $800
 Crimson and White Roses
Oil on canvas    12 “ x 16”      $800
Zinnias in Blue
Oil on panel        12” x 16”        $800
Carol Walser Robey, MD

I have been drawing since I could hold a crayon, sometimes getting in trouble in school for doodling.  The natural world has also fascinated me and drawing has refined my understanding of nature’s beauty.   Art classes at high school, DeCordova Museum, and art classes in college refined my skills.  I was a scientific illustrator for my biology professors and my senior thesis, but I ultimately elected to pursue a career in medicine.  My next 30 years were filled by a career as a pediatrician and raising my children, but I never lost the desire to create.

I started painting again 15 years ago.  I have taken classes with a number of local artists, including Stephen Previte, David Curtis, and Mary Minifie.  In 2013, I began studying with Paul Ingbretson and have painted full-time in his atelier since my retirement from pediatrics in 2015.

I strive to incorporate classical ideals with impressionistic technique.  This Boston School approach to color, value, edge, and arabesque informs my approach.  I focus on still life, especially floral paintings of flowers from my gardens, and landscape.  I am fortunate to have a summer home in Gloucester, MA and strive to capture the immediate beauty of the region in my work.  I am an artist member at Rockport Art Association and Museum and North Shore Arts Association, in Gloucester, MA.  I also show paintings at NH Antique Coop in Milford, NH.

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