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June 14th, 2017

Yoga Unfettered® - Functional Yoga™ For Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime presents: 

Yogic Workstation Clinic™

Designed for corporations, offices, trade school, art centers.

 Helen has been a bench jeweler since 1995 and is well acquainted with the stresses of repetitive motion in a confined workspace. This is primarily a chair yoga class with some standing poses interspersed and is also beneficial for the long distance traveler. Participants will learn how to use their bodies more efficiently through postures and movements that relieve stress points, increase circulation, and enhance focus, thus enabling participants to sit and work comfortably for long periods of time whether in their workspace or in the show booth.
No flexibility or previous yoga experience required.

What you need to bring: water, and yourself in loose, comfortable clothing, flat shoes/sneakers… need for a yoga mat, bare feet, or spandex. 

About Helen Yetman-Bellows

Helen Yetman-Bellows, teaches Functional Yoga™, a program she developed, taking yoga out of the studio and into everyday life, for a more comfortable way of living and moving.

She has taught and set up programs for corporations, universities, the military, adult education, schools, hospitals, and those with special needs, including athletes, seniors, recovering addicts, veterans, and the blind. She takes pride in the programs she has developed for equestrian centers, festivals, conventions, seminars, and large groups as well as her own intimate outdoor yoga programs. 

Helen is the author of Yoga Unfettered®, Functional Yoga For Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, the Yoga Unfettered®  Yoga To Go flash cards, that are a companion to the book, and Minute Meditations©. She has written monthly yoga columns for several newspapers on short, transitional yoga postures for relieving stress throughout the day. 

*Helen’s book and flash cards will be available for sale 

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