All general meetings are held at the historic Lawrence Barn located at 28 Depot Road in Hollis, NH on the second Wednesday of each month.  All meetings begin at 7:00 PM with a 45 minute professional development program followed by the business meeting.  Non-member guests are always welcomed to attend the monthly meetings




September Meeting


Tarja Cockell


A native of Finland, Tarja Cockell has a degree in textile and design-- majoring in weaving. In her current work she explores mixed textile mediums to create her contemporary wall art pieces and her functional accessories. She is a juried member of NH Craftsmen League and she is showing her work in their annual Fair at Sunapee, NH. Her studio is located in Lowell at Western Avenue studios, where there is open studios every first Saturday of the month from noon to 5pm.

Tarja’s fiber art explores traditional textile techniques with a contemporary twist. She enjoys the process of weaving and the unique textures that it creates.Her motifs vary from abstract to representational images and are often merely suggestive, hinting at shapes and forms. Tarja strives to expand the boundaries of traditional weaving by achieving a more painterly sensibility that weaving alone does not offer. To fully express her artistic intention,she incorporates several different techniques such as dyes, paint, appliqué and stitching, to create a layered, three-dimensional effect. Her current work also includes textural and 3-dimensional weaving.


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October Meeting


William Turner


William C. Turner is a fine art realist oil painter. He is currently working on a series of anthropomorphic vehicle portraits - bringing new life to old, forgotten relics of the past.

Where he once restored vehicles to near perfect condition, he now shows the effects of time on weathered, corroded and discarded machines. He is always remembering that vehicles contributed to America’s growth, helping to build roads, farm fields, and carry supplies that made our country great. In rendering their faded, peeling paint and rust, he hopes to share the beauty and power these subjects once had, and portray them with the dignity they deserve for service well done.


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